EH_inspiration_photoOur History

Behind the Especially Hair brand, there is a legacy of love: The passion and creativity of a mother seeking a better option for her daughter; and the vision of a daughter to take her mother’s solution to the world.

Especially Hair was born of necessity, the need to find a hair care product for a little swimmer with Type-4 hair. The seed was planted when Hargrove, creator of Especially Hair’s original formulation, sat struggling to comb her daughter’s hair after one of her daily swim practices and said aloud “There must be something better than this.”

After endless searching, product purchasing, and research Hargrove decided to invent her own solution. The result was a product that moisturized, conditioned and detangled, all-in-one. And best of all, it was so simple that Hargrove’s 9-year-old daughter could apply it herself.

Fast-forward 25 years. I am now a mother myself and I recognize more fully the blessing I was given – 10 years of competitive swimming with no hesitation or concern about my hair. But, more importantly, my mom gave me a sense of freedom and self-esteem regarding hair and beauty that I can now pass along to my daughter.

And now, through Especially Hair, I offer that same gift of freedom to curly-haired people everywhere.




Our Mission

At Especially Hair, we’re committed to making highly effective products that deliver superior results with simplicity of effort. As we continue to innovate and raise the bar for coily and curly hair care, we stay cognizant of our responsibility to the environment and society.

For this reason, we select renewable raw materials that are sustainably sourced – both for our formulations and for our packaging.

We believe, there is beauty in sustainability.


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